• Strawberry Line Minature Railway D1065 Western Consort
    One of the Strawberry lines finest
    D1065 Western Consort has been
    here from the early days and can
    still be seen hauling passengers
    around the track, this locomotive
    has also spent a few years away in
    Sussex earning a living.
  • The New and the Old
    A heritage Peak D70 sits in the
    sun with Modern traction
    Colas Rail class 66 66849
    waiting to haul trains
    later in the day.
  • Class 40 Whistler
    Class 40 D370 and driving truck wait
    for the road. This is a very powerful
    locomotive, just like the real thing
    happy hauling passengers and special
    freight workings, looking goood in her
    early British Railways Green livery and
    matching driving truck.
  • The Return of STEAM
    A Southern interloper found between a
    pair of GWR's finest! King Arthur class
    740 Merlin sits between 5717 Pannier tank
    and Hall class 5991 Gresham Hall after a
    hard days work.
  • Class 50's double-heading
    A pair of Class 50's is a wonderful sight!
    50 007 Sir Edward Elgar & 50 035 Ark Royal
    bring back memouries of how they originally
    worked in tandem on the West Coast main line.
    The class got there nickname from the distintive
    sound of the roof fan and became known as Hoover's!
    this pair sound as good as they look.

Welcome to the Strawberry Line Miniature Railway

We are located within Avon Valley Country Park, Pixash Lane, Bath Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1TP (follow the brown signs) admission fee applues to the Park, with loads of adventure's around the park for the lttle one's and adults.

There is plenty to see and do in the Park for all the family or simply watch the trains go by.

Latest News

27-29 May, 2-3 September 2017

Steam & Diesel Gala

The Strawberry Lines annual Steam and Diesel Gala is when we endeavour to run all serviceable locomotives, pulling passengers and special freight trains.

06 March, 2017

3 New Locomotives

Three new Locomotives will be arriving from Abbots Model Engineering to undergo trials before entering passenger hauling services, more information to follow soon.

01 March, 2017

New Website

The Strawberry Line Miniature Railway is proud to be back with a new website, hopefully we can add more sections and maybe a shop later.